A Letter to Space Prince

This is a letter/poem I wrote for my partner a few months ago. We have these nicknames for each other; I call them Space Prince and they call me Star Catcher.


Dear Space Prince,

You make me see stars. And not in the standing-up-too-fast-and-getting-dizzy way, no.

I see you the way you light up my night and make the sky seem alive

with stories.


Stories of your childhood,

of all the times the other children were mean to you.

Because when they saw you they realized you weren’t from this world.

Your home is with the galaxies.


Stories of how you feel,

all your emotions and thoughts when it’s late

and you think I fell asleep a long time ago, but I’ve been listening.

I am afraid to speak

because this moment is so fragile; you have laid your heart bare

and become so overwhelmed with grief.

I hear how your breath catches on every syllable

as you try to keep speaking through the tears

because you needed this.


Stories of how you are afraid of the future.

Afraid that things will never change, that nothing will get better.

I try to remind you,

you never know what the future holds,

but god you are so stubborn.

Just know that everything you want is coming,

that the universe will pick up the timing and the way,

and this is only temporary.

We are on the cusp of discovering something immense.

Something powerful and complicated.


Love isn’t something you can legislate,

love is volatile and unpredictable.

Like walking on thin ice that is cracked so much,

That with every step forward we are in danger of falling.

But if you hold my hand

and guide me to safety

I promise I will pour my love into every single part of your soul

that is hurting.

And I will cover you with crystallized attractions

until you understand that everything you are is beautiful.


Space Prince,

no matter how long it takes,

and no matter how much I have to prove it to you,

one day you will know how important you are.

You make my worst days bearable,

and you make my best days impossibly bright.

I owe you not only my love,

but I owe you my life.


I am and always will be

Sincerely yours.


– Alex


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