I’m Alexander, or Alex. I’m currently 19 but I’m almost 20!

I’m a Freshman college student at SUNY Fredonia. My major is Video Production and I plan to eventually became a director/producer/writer of my own independent films.

I am queer and transgender. I couldn’t tell you 100% what my exact sexual orientation is cause I have no idea, so I’m just gonna stick with queer. I only recently started identifying as a transgender male so that’s a whole different story itself.

I am dating the coolest, most awesome person on the planet, and we’ve been together for four months now, and I’ve never been happier.

I’m not really a poet, most of my writing is long fiction or short stories.

I think that’s it! Just a struggling filmmaker, nothing to see here.

(You should definitely follow me though I’m hella tight)


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