Hi I’m Alexander

You can call me Alex.

Just your friendly neighborhood queer trans dude trying to figure out who the fuck I am!

I suppose as a first post I should give some general information about myself.

As of now I am 19 (almost 20!) and I am in my second semester of Freshman year at college. My major is Video Production, so I’m a huge movie/TV nerd.

(Warning: It’s about to get gushy) I am dating my soulmate, the most incredible person I have ever known. We “met” online sometime in April 2015, started talking, and officially started dating December 2015. So sorry everyone, I’m taken.

Yes I am queer and trans (he/him), and I’m proud of my queerness.

[Disclaimer: *Queer not being a defining trait or accepted term by all individuals. Please ask before you assume.]

I think that covers the most important stuff. Struggling college student questions gender and sexuality and then writes about it to strangers… sounds about right!